We convert cars to electric

Our goal is get more people driving electric cars.

We offer bespoke conversions.

We are developing kits to enable anyone to convert their car.

Affordability is our prime focus.

Latest Electric Car

1953 Morris Minor Series 2

A beautifully restored 1953 Morris Minor Series 2.

This is the highly desirable early split-screen model with cheesegrater grille.

The interior is spacious, practical and comfortable and the minimalist dashboard is a prime example of 1950's design.

A hidden bluetooth stereo fills the electric silence.

Costs just around £1 to charge. Does 45 miles on one charge.

Charges from a 13A household socket. If you can charge your phone, you can charge this car!

Average London journey is 5 miles so, used daily, the car requires charging roughly once a week. That means fuel costs for this car can be as little as £50 per year!

No Congestion Charge

No T-Charge

No Road Tax

Free residents parking in many London boroughs.

The electric Minor recently featured on the Silent D Motor Show.

Conversion Kits

Using our experience from converting cars we are developing kits to enable the easy conversion of cars.

Our goal is to create kits that require no cutting or welding for installation.

We are developing these kits in close communciation with respective car communities.

If you would like to find out more or get involved please say hi on social media.

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